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Hazlitt’s Cider Tree stands apart from all of the high quality ciders offered by Finger Lakes cideries in the regionEach of our premium hard ciders are crafted using freshly pressed local apples and Champagne yeast for fermentation to give each one a crisp, unique, pure taste.

Our hard cider is made in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region in Naples, New York, using select apples grown in our own backyard. The labels and the rest of the packaging are from nearby too, and even the bottles are made within 100 miles of home! We work hard to create high quality cider we are proud of and, more importantly, cider we love to drink. You can find us on any weekend hiking through the woods or hanging by the lake most likely in the company of good friends enjoying a cold, crisp Cider Tree.​ See for yourself why Cider Tree ranks amongst the top hard ciders in what Finger Lakes cideries offer.

We’re sure you’ll love it too.

Our Ciders

Hazlitt's Cider Tree

With a medium-dry finish, this crisp, refreshing hard cider is a bounty of flavor from locally sourced apples.

Food Pairings
  • Creamy pasta dishes
  • Baked ham served cold
  • Roasted pork
  • Chicken breast
  • Pork medallions with apples
  • Apple pie
Drink Suggestions

Shade of the Cider Tree
Pour a 12 ounce Cider Tree over ice. Add a hefty squeeze of lime. For a more tropical taste, make it a key lime! Kick back in the shade of your favorite tree and enjoy.

  • 91 + BRONZE – 2022 NY International Cider Competition
  • GOLD – 2021 Finger Lakes International
  • TRIPLE GOLD – 2019 Dan Berger’s International

Hazlitt’s Cider Tree Cinnamon Spice

The robust sensation of this spiced cider comes from the blending of locally sourced apples with an infusion of real cinnamon and nutmeg. A perfect complement to everything Fall.

Food Pairings
  • Powdered doughnuts
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Ginger cookies
Drink Suggestions

Spyder Bite Cocktail

Combine a 12-ounce Cider Tree Cinnamon Spice with 1.5 oz. (one shot) of Golden Rum and garnish with a lemon wedge. Serve chilled on the rocks, or for a more seasonal taste, heat, and mull with a cinnamon stick.

  • 90 + BRONZE – 2022 NY International Cider Competition
  • NY SPICED CIDER PRODUCER OF THE YEAR – 2022 NY International Cider Competition
  • GOLD – 2021 Dan Berger’s International Wine & Cider Competitions
  • NY SPICED CIDER PRODUCER OF THE YEAR – 2021 NY International Cider Competition
  • 95 + GOLD – 2021 NY International Cider Competition

Hazlitt’s Cider Tree Light 'n Dry

This bright reduced-calorie cider is pale gold, elegant, and austere with crisp tart flavors. Light ’n Dry has a bold acidity and effervescence.

Food Pairings
  • Creamy soups & sauces
  • Garden salad with chicken & light creamy dressing
  • Roast pork
  • Salmon
  • Quiche
Drink Suggestions

Orchard Mimosa

Pour 4 oz. of chilled orange juice into a champagne flute and top with 4 oz. of chilled Cider Tree Light ’n Dry. Garnish with a twist of orange zest and serve.

  • GOLD – 2021 Dan Berger’s International Wine & Cider Competitions
  • BEST NEW YORK CIDER – 2018 The Big E
  • GOLD – 2018 The Big E

Hazlitt’s Cider Tree with Citra Hops

This cider has a bold flavor with a refreshing citrus zing balanced by the taste of fresh apples and just the right level of sweetness.

Food Pairings
  • Spicy Mexican
  • Indian cuisine
  • Grilled red meats
  • Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
Drink Suggestions

Cider Tree with Citra Hops Gimlet

Combine a shot of gin and with a half bottle of Cider Tree with Citra Hops. Add a splash of lime juice and garnish with a wedge of lime.​

  • 95 + GOLD – 2022 NY International Cider Competition
  • BEST OF CLASS, GOLD – 2021 Dan Berger’s International Wine & Cider Competition
  • GOLD – 2020 Great American International
  • BEST NEW YORK CIDER – 2019 The Big E
  • PLATINUM – 2019 Great American International
  • GOLD – 2019 The Big E
  • GOLD – 2019 Dan Berger’s International

Honest to the Core

Where to Find It

Hazlitt Cider Tree is available to purchase at Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards, Hazlitt Red Cat Cellars, and ​select retailers in upstate New York.

At this time, it is currently not available for sale online and cannot be shipped.

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